Welcome to CRB Auto

Our team of experienced industry professionals truly believes that “Relationships Do Matter” and it is this distinguishing attribute on which our business is built. Since we launched CRB Auto in 2011, the entire CRB Auto team has worked to cultivate deep and lasting relationships with our dealer customers. The philosophy permeates through our entire organization, from sales to credit to funding to servicing.

Company Background

CRB Auto was originally founded as a part of California Republic Bank, The original founders of California Republic Bank created a bank “from the ground up” that reflected their experience and vision for catering to a specific niche – the top echelon of clients in a manner that puts a premium on:

  • Service
  • Understanding of Needs
  • Relationships

From this the Auto Finance Division was formed. The Division is comprised of senior executives with a great deal of depth and breadth to their experience.  In October, 2016 CRB Auto welcomed the opportunity to become a part of Mechanics Bank, and continues to do business as CRB Auto, Powered by Mechanics Bank today.


Mechanics Bank was founded in 1905 and is a community banking financial institution headquartered in Walnut Creek, CA.  In 2016 we grew with a strategic merger with California Republic Bank of Irvine, CA.  In 2018, we added to our legacy by acquiring Scott Valley Bank, the second oldest bank in California (1865) with rich tradition and history of serving the needs of Nothern California.  In 2019, we found another partner in Rabobank, N.A., which brings together two community-oriented, well-captialized banks with common values and deep roots in California. For our clients it’s even greater strength, stability, and convenience and gives us the continued opportunity to be the premier community back in the communities we serve.  Mechanics Bank operates 144 branches throughout California and Oregon. The synergistic combination of Mechanics Bank, Rabobank, N.A., and CRB Auto will allow for exponential growth and assist in strengthening the domestic auto finance industry. We are excited, not only to expound upon our common values and beliefs, but to share the historic opportunity these transactions present to our customers, employees, and the community.