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Loyalty has its rewards

At CRB Auto Finance, we believe in a lending program made successful by relationships. The value of relationships has to be a fundamental principle between CRB Auto Finance, and our very best dealers.

We hope our dealers will appreciate the concept of “two-way street” lending.

CRB Auto Finance obviously has certain business objectives that can only be met with a dealer base that understands a partnership with a store and their lender makes for great success on both sides. Our best dealers who operate with our philosophies will be handsomely rewarded.

We are pleased to announce our Platinum Dealer Program.

Dealers who qualify for our platinum program will qualify for many extra benefits while doing business with CRB Auto Finance.

Platinum Loyalty Program Login

  • Participation in CRB’s Platinum Loyalty Program
    • This is our innovative and industry leading incentive program that rewards our most loyal dealers. With our program you can earn points for the redemption of valuable gifts, and travel. Our program is designed to reward our best customers for sending CRB Auto Finance the type of business that is consistent with our programs. While open to all CRB Auto customers, Platinum dealers will accumulate points faster and earn more points per deal than other level dealers. Platinum Loyalty Plus is easy to use, and your current standing is easily accessible through our website.
  • Priority Status in the credit application queue
    • Our best dealers will be rewarded with fast decisions and immediate access to credit analysts, and senior management.
  • Priority Funding Status
    • Put simply, our Platinum dealers get their deals funded first.
  • Enhanced Reserve Split
    • Our Platinum dealers will have the opportunity to receive a preferred reserve split on qualifying deals.
  • Special Marketing Programs
    • From time to time, Platinum dealers will be the first to be offered special marketing incentives on top of all other Platinum programs.

As you can see, CRB Auto Finance has created a wide range of special programs to encourage our dealer partners to send CRB the kind of business we like. It’s auto financing’s Win/Win opportunity!